ozhan : The potatoes were like rubber and you could tell they had been made up ahead of time being kept under a warmer.

azimcan : I was disgusted because I was pretty sure that was human hair.

azimcan : Service is also cute.

yasin : Hard to judge whether these sides were good because we were grossed out by the melted styrofoam and didn't want to eat it for fear of getting sick.

azimcan : Frozen pucks of disgust, with some of the worst people behind the register.

azimcan : Their chow mein is so good!

azimcan : The Heart Attack Grill in downtown Vegas is an absolutely flat-lined excuse for a restaurant.

yasin : The cocktails are all handmade and delicious.

ozhan : We'd definitely go back here again.

yasin : A great way to finish a great.

yasin : The service was meh.

ozhan : There is so much good food in Vegas that I feel cheated for wasting an eating opportunity by going to Rice and Company.

yasin : Coming here is like experiencing an underwhelming relationship where both parties can't wait for the other person to ask to break up.

ozhan : It's like a really sexy party in your mouth, where you're outrageously flirting with the hottest person at the party.

yasin : Best breakfast buffet!!!

azimcan : Will be back again!

azimcan : So we went to Tigerlilly and had a fantastic afternoon!

ozhan : REAL sushi lovers, let's be honest - Yama is not that good.

azimcan : At least 40min passed in between us ordering and the food arriving, and it wasn't that busy.

ozhan : Nice, spicy and tender.

azimcan : zfvzf

azimcan : Hi Aleyna