Dance Monkey



ozhan : The selection on the menu was great and so were the prices.

yasin : Now I am getting angry and I want my damn pho.

ozhan : A great touch.

ozhan : Highly recommended.

ozhan : This place is not worth your time, let alone Vegas.

ozhan : The Burrittos Blah!

ozhan : The food, amazing.

ozhan : The worst was the salmon sashimi.

azimcan : Overall, I like this place a lot.

yasin : There is not a deal good enough that would drag me into that establishment again.

azimcan : The only thing I did like was the prime rib and dessert section.

yasin : Loved it...friendly servers, great food, wonderful and imaginative menu.

azimcan : Great food and service, huge portions and they give a military discount.

azimcan : walked in and the place smelled like an old grease trap and only 2 others there eating.

azimcan : I love the Pho and the spring rolls oh so yummy you have to try.

ozhan : The poor batter to meat ratio made the chicken tenders very unsatisfying.

azimcan : I LOVED their mussels cooked in this wine reduction, the duck was tender, and their potato dishes were delicious.

ozhan : The ambience is wonderful and there is music playing.

ozhan : Sooooo good!!

yasin : Worst service to boot, but that is the least of their worries.

ozhan : The guys all had steaks, and our steak loving son who has had steak at the best and worst places said it was the best steak he's ever eaten.