ozhan : Wow... Loved this place.

azimcan : Service was very prompt.

azimcan : I was shocked because no signs indicate cash only.

yasin : So they performed.

yasin : seems like a good quick place to grab a bite of some familiar pub food, but do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

azimcan : Ample portions and good prices.

ozhan : Poor service, the waiter made me feel like I was stupid every time he came to the table.

ozhan : If you want a sandwich just go to any Firehouse!!!!!

azimcan : My side Greek salad with the Greek dressing was so tasty, and the pita and hummus was very refreshing.

azimcan : We ordered the duck rare and it was pink and tender on the inside with a nice char on the outside.

azimcan : The ripped banana was not only ripped, but petrified and tasteless.

azimcan : At least think to refill my water before I struggle to wave you over for 10 minutes.

yasin : The deal included 5 tastings and 2 drinks, and Jeff went above and beyond what we expected.

yasin : It took over 30 min to get their milkshake, which was nothing more than chocolate milk.

yasin : I guess I should have known that this place would suck, because it is inside of the Excalibur, but I didn't use my common sense.

ozhan : 2 times - Very Bad Customer Service !

ozhan : The turkey and roast beef were bland.

yasin : The pan cakes everyone are raving about taste like a sugary disaster tailored to the palate of a six year old.

ozhan : Our server was fantastic and when he found out the wife loves roasted garlic and bone marrow, he added extra to our meal and another marrow to go!

ozhan : Best Buffet in town, for the price you cannot beat it.

yasin : The food was delicious, our bartender was attentive and personable AND we got a great deal!

yasin : Check it out.

azimcan : Kind of hard to mess up a steak but they did.