yasin : Crust is not good.

yasin : Not tasty and the texture was just nasty.

ozhan : The fries were great too.

azimcan : I could care less... The interior is just beautiful.

azimcan : That's right....the red velvet cake.....ohhh this stuff is so good.

azimcan : Also there are combos like a burger, fries, and beer for 23 which is a decent deal.

yasin : I found this place by accident and I could not be happier.

yasin : The shrimp tender and moist.

ozhan : The burger is good beef, cooked just right.

ozhan : He came running after us when he realized my husband had left his sunglasses on the table.

yasin : Not much seafood and like 5 strings of pasta at the bottom.

ozhan : The salad had just the right amount of sauce to not over power the scallop, which was perfectly cooked.

yasin : We are so glad we found this place.

azimcan : We got the food and apparently they have never heard of salt and the batter on the fish was chewy.

azimcan : #NAME?

yasin : The sweet potato fries were very good and seasoned well.

yasin : It was not good.

ozhan : It was pretty gross!

ozhan : I've had better atmosphere.