yasin : Stopped by during the late May bank holiday off Rick Steve recommendation and loved it.

azimcan : Would not go back.

yasin : did not like at all.

azimcan : This hole in the wall has great Mexican street tacos, and friendly staff.

azimcan : Took an hour to get our food only 4 tables in restaurant my food was Luke warm, Our sever was running around like he was totally overwhelmed.

azimcan : This was like the final blow!

ozhan : The only redeeming quality of the restaurant was that it was very inexpensive.

ozhan : My first visit to Hiro was a delight!

azimcan : Service sucks.

ozhan : On a positive note, our server was very attentive and provided great service.

azimcan : They have horrible attitudes towards customers, and talk down to each one when customers don't enjoy their food.

yasin : This place receives stars for their APPETIZERS!!!

yasin : The scallop dish is quite appalling for value as well.

ozhan : Omelets are to die for!

yasin : say bye bye to your tip lady!

ozhan : The only good thing was our waiter, he was very helpful and kept the bloddy mary's coming.

azimcan : This is one of the better buffets that I have been to.

azimcan : This is a really fantastic Thai restaurant which is definitely worth a visit.

yasin : Although I very much liked the look and sound of this place, the actual experience was a bit disappointing.

ozhan : I just don't know how this place managed to served the blandest food I have ever eaten when they are preparing Indian cuisine.

yasin : Service was fine and the waitress was friendly.