ozhan : Honeslty it didn't taste THAT fresh.)

ozhan : The cashier had no care what so ever on what I had to say it still ended up being wayyy overpriced.

yasin : I tried the Cape Cod ravoli, chicken, with cranberry...mmmm!

yasin : Waitress was a little slow in service.

azimcan : It's too bad the food is so damn generic.

yasin : The portion was huge!

ozhan : Always a great time at Dos Gringos!

ozhan : Update.....went back for a second time and it was still just as amazing

yasin : Today is the second time I've been to their lunch buffet and it was pretty good.

ozhan : This place has it!

ozhan : All I have to say is the food was amazing!!!

ozhan : Everything was fresh and delicious!

yasin : In summary, this was a largely disappointing dining experience.

ozhan : Never been to Hard Rock Casino before, WILL NEVER EVER STEP FORWARD IN IT AGAIN!

yasin : We'll never go again.

azimcan : Food arrived quickly!

azimcan : On the up side, their cafe serves really good food.

yasin : Will go back next trip out.

azimcan : Good prices.